Welcome to the Present Life Blog! I am new to blogging. I’m very excited about finally starting one as this is one of the things I’ve given a lot of thought about and wanting to do. I’m passionate about helping other people and learning to grow. Living the everyday life has a lot of things to share and also read about other people’s experiences. So I thought this is one of those platforms I could do that in. Since I am new at this, I would love some feedbacks and also you are more than welcome to share something you’re interested in talking about.

Some things about me are; One of the new things I’m experiencing is becoming a new mom! I have a daughter that’s 2 years old and growing fast! On top of that, having a career, going back to school and travelling alot definitely keeps me busy!

A few of my interests are anything art, photography, games, outdoor activities, movies/shows, cooking, house designs, fashion, and diy (do it yourself). You will find me posting about these interests and just random things about what’s going on in the day 🙂

I’m very open to new ideas and love to have fun and being creative. So I would like to welcome you to my everyday life 🙂