“Sit Still, Look Pretty”

What is it like being a woman you ask? What are the things that we go through as women in our everyday lives?

There are so many things we can discuss and we can all put in our opinions and comparisons because we have that freedom to speak up for ourselves. As for me, I’m not an expert when it comes to how psychology works or talk about how our body works scientifically with all the medical terms. That knowledge we can acquire from the actual experts in the field. Yes we get periods, yes we get pregnant. That’s about as far as I can relay knowledge on from personal experience. I wanted to write this to speak for myself to share a little bit of what it’s like being in this society.

Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to music to either motivate myself or have it as my therapy for relaxing and clearing my head. Sometimes I feel like it knows what’s going on that day and what I’m going through.As you saw in the title, I’m taking inspiration from a song called, “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by an artist named, Daya. Personally, I can relate to this song. I think a lot of women can. Whether you like or don’t like this kind of music, the lyrics are relatable in many ways. Plus who doesn’t like something that just makes you want to dance in your kitchen or bedroom and sing in the shower 😉

Women Power – We can be accomplished just like Men.

…”Oh I don’t know what you’ve been told,

but this girl right here is gonna rule the world.

Yeah that is where I’m gonna be cuz I wanna be.

I don’t wanna sit still, look pretty”…

Society has stereotyped women in the past for centuries. We are “suppose” to be the housewives or girlfriend that dress a certain way, the mom that stays in with the kids and cook in the kitchen while their husband works and pays the bills. Well, thank those who consistently fought and proved people that women can work, have success in their career, and should be treated equally as men. Now, someone like myself can be accepted as a single working mom, with a career that I relate with men. I can look up to those who has lived their lives just like mine. Granted there are people that still have that stereotype mindset and choose their lifestyle to be traditional which is perfectly fine. I’m not saying it’s wrong because that’s their choice. But that shouldn’t stop anyone else who feels differently and desires to achieve something for themselves as the “woman of the Household”. Whether it’s being in the military, being a CEO of a business, be a wrestler/UFC fighter, race motorcycles, compete in fitness, be the one paying the bills while their husband stays with the kids and cook in the kitchen. We can do it all too.

We can be independent – we can take care of ourselves with or without a man.

…”Guess what, I’m never gonna be that girl who’s living in a Barbie world

….pretending that I need that boy who’s gonna treat me like a toy

But I don’t wanna be that puppet that you playin on a string. This queen don’t need a king”…

I’ve always to said “I don’t care about someone’s pocket book”. My parents told me I should find someone that will provide for me and take care of my needs. I don’t mind being the one that will make more money as long as they don’t take advantage of it and be a partner that gives me what I find important in a partnership; respect, honesty, and loyalty. However, that person should know how to take care of themselves and have their own goals and success that they are working for.

Men shouldn’t just expect their women to be that “Barbie” or “bread winner” unless both have clearly communicated, accepted their expectations from each other and knowing what lifestyle they like to live. We can’t just be treated like a play thing to manipulate into whatever they want.

We’ve all heard that saying “You can’t buy happiness”. That is the truth…I’m a true believer of that. Happiness in my opinion is knowing how to be alone and loving yourself first, then when you meet that special someone, you can have that happiness living a life together. I’ve been in a relationship where I’m the only giver. I’ve also been in one that we were both givers. A partnership is teamwork. Not a road trip for one to always be the driver while the other is the passenger. In every relationship each person has their own flaws and own strengths. It’s working together and giving each other growth, things they can offer to the table that doesn’t have to do with money.

You are worth it – You can do it.

…”Sure I’m a pretty girl, up in a pretty world but no I won’t sit still, and look pretty”…

No one is perfect and no one is required to be. I’m sure majority of us have been told “no” or “you can’t do that”. Well, in my personal experience, I learned that as long as you know you’re worth and believe you can, you are more valuable than they give you credit for. You can still work hard to strive for what you want and in the end you’ve accomplished more than they think you could. Everyone can be complimented on their looks all day long, but doesn’t mean that’s the only thing women can do is put on makeup, do our hair and wear a dress. To me looks can only attract so much. But add passion, motivation, and hard work to the mix and results can be even more beautiful.

Just like every person in this world, Our society is not perfect, but I am glad that we’ve come very far where there are people who accept others for who they are. Whether it’s being a working woman, or a man who wants to do the things only women were expected to do. Keep in mind all this applies to the opposite sex too. Men doesn’t have to live a stereotyped life of being the bread winner or always have to be tough, or look handsome and muscular all the time. They are human beings with dreams, goals and desires as well. We all can share equally what this world has to offer no matter what gender you are.

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