Home Essentials: Simple & Save

Sometimes making things simple can give a classy look. Also, in can be just as effective yet cheaper than buying expensive products you love on a regular basis.

I personally enjoy simple living and I like to take simple or basic looking items and letting it shine by combining it with something that would make it look “classy” or “fancy” but not breaking the bank. You can achieve this by looking at different DIY ideas on Pinterest or Instagram or just creating your own ideas.

This one in particular is useful for sharing with your girls or mom or anyone that would enjoy it. My mom bought this body lotion a few years ago and we both love the smell, Green Tea & Bamboo. It’s unique to the brand called, Body Drench, sold at beauty supply stores like Sally’s Beauty Supply, or on their direct website at www. Bodydrench.com or Amazon. The one that we purchased was by the gallon from Amazon, but unfortunately I don’t think they sell it by that size anymore…We like to put it on after we get out of the shower or washing our hands. It smells like you just came out of a spa and it’s relaxing. 🙂

You can purchase your own favorite product/brand/type of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, oils, soap, etc. that comes in big sizes then condense it into smaller containers. The bottles we like to use are the clear plain bottles. Amazon has a great selection of them that comes with the pumps. You can get plain clear bottles in different colors, plastic or glass, online or stores like Target, Walmart, or any beauty supply stores. The specific bottle we used was from Cosmo Prof.

As we all know, buying things in bulk or biggest size can save you more money than buying individuals and smaller sizes regularly. Costco is one of those well known stores that sell in bulk at a really good prize.

Buying your own containers that you like specifically adds character to your home, organized look, and you don’t have to be stuck with the original packaging the product comes in that you might not really like. Too many different looking products on the counter can make it look kind of messy or not organized. Keep in mind this doesn’t just apply to lotions or shampoos but it can also apply to food like cereal or flour! So! Save money plus your choice of container? Count me in 🙂

Items Needed:

  1. Product of your choice
  2. Clear Container/Bottle
  3. Labels/Sticker & Marker/Paint Pen (Optional) If you want to label your container/bottle for extra organizing or style you can.

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