The City of Seattle

Photographs taken by PresentlifeBlog

– Seattle city views within the city and from the water

– Walls of the Power Alley within Pike’s Place Market

– The famous Gum Wall. (Yes, they are real chewed gum that millions of people stick on the wall. It was very recently cleaned out, but it didn’t take very long to fill up again).

– Pike’s Place Market Main street.

These are just only some of the few pictures I’ve taken during a quick outing in Seattle. This city has a lot to offer when it comes to activities, restaurants, shopping, history and more.

Pikes Place Market is known worldwide and it is “Seattle’s most popular tourist destination”.  With all the different products; antiques, handcrafted items, fresh produce, unique shops with different cultures and style, the lifestyle within the city itself, and so much more, millions of people have been  attracted here.

If you love to travel or even love the outdoors and exploring, you definitely need to include this in your list to visit. Plus, you could see all the other attractions outside of the market. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


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