In Love with French Macarons

When you ask someone “have you ever had macaroons?”, they’re usually thinking of the coconut cookie like pastry. Well, this is definitely  not that ladies and gentlemen. If you love French style bakery and pastries, you know they will always have this delightful desert in their selection.

I LOVE FRENCH MACARONS! 🙂 They are probably my favorite desert. It’s unique texture, taste and elegant look is so mesmerizing. If you live around Seattle area, there’s a French Style bakery right at Pike’s Place Market called, La Paneir. So far out of all the places I’ve been to that has macarons, La Paneir, has the most variety. It’s delicious and also the cheapest I’ve found at $2 a piece. Yes, they might be pricy for some, but it’s worth every bite.

Since not everyone has heard of these, every time I’m asked what they taste like or have in them, I have a little bit of a hard time describing. I’ve never really had anything like it before. And they can be hard to find, especially the authentic French recipe.

But I decided I’m going to give it a try and see if I can make them myself 🙂 Best way to really know about a food/desert item is start from scratch. Make your own experience with it. Feel the textures, know the ingredients, smell and taste!

First Recipe I will try will be right off the Food Network. (click link for recipe – French Macarons – Food Network) You are more than welcome to try it out with me and make it yourself. Or, share your own favorite French Macarons recipe and talk about your own experience with it. I would love to hear the feedback! 🙂 I will post the results once I’ve completed the finished product.

Have Fun Everyone!

(Photograph taken by PresentlifeBlog)



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